Ditch the service tickets, spreadsheets, and emails

Proxii streamlines communications and automates day-to-day management tasks between 3PLs and eCommerce brands.
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Finally, a collaboration tool specifically for 3PLs and eCommerce brands

The strongest partnerships are built on trust. Delays, poor visibility, or miscommunications between 3PLs and brands can break down trust and set off domino effects that impact end customers. Proxii gives 3PLs superpowers to anticipate client concerns, prevent tickets, and automate fulfillment service tasks.

It's all about the teamwork

Be Proactive

Empower 3PL account reps and brand operators to proactively fix order issues across eCommerce platforms and WMS back-ends

Work Smarter

Enable brands to collaborate directly with the warehouse floor on special projects without the emails, tickets, and middlepersons

Build Trust

Let transparency shine by streamlining data sharing across ASNs, forecasts, pricing, progress, and operational performance

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Companies that choose Proxii value quality over quantity when building partnerships. The cloud-based software is intuitive to use, streamlines communications, and automates boring tasks to make jobs more enjoyable. Contact us today to get started.
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