An ambitious crew

Meet our team

Our goal is simple.

 We're on a mission to build A.I. tools for customer service superheroes.

Diego Sanz

Founder/COO @Proxii. Focused on growth hacking, sales, and GTM strategy.

History buff, Philly native, skier (better than John), and will play any sport that has a racket in it.

John Ladaga

Founder/CEO @Proxii. Focused on lean startup, user happiness, product & design.

Pathologically curious, wanting to learn everything from astrophysics to beekeeping. Passionate coach, DIY hacker, and skier. Say hi!


A little bit about us.

Proxii is a Denver based startup focused on building collaborative intelligent systems that allow companies of all sizes to automate their customer service workflows without sacrificing human touch and control.

Proxii combines NLP with a no-code training process to empower customer service people to build and customize powerful A.I. assistants for themselves and their organization.
Brief History

We're just getting started.

Boomtown Accelerator
March 2020
In March of 2020, John & Diego were accepted to attend Boomtown's The FARM Accelerator sponsored by Comcast NBCUniversal in Atlanta, GA.
Moved HQ to Denver
August 2020
With co-founder spread across two time zones and with COVID-19 taking it's toll on the major coastal tech hubs, the pair decided to setup camp in metro Denver, CO.
Private Beta Launch
December 2020
In October 2020, Proxii brought on a team of 3 technical and ML experts to begin development on the MVP. Proxii is on track to release it's Beta in early Dec. 2020.
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