How we think about implementing PLG from start to finish.

We've consolidated best practices from top Product-led companies and the world's leading growth experts to create a fool proof methodology for implementing Product-led Growth at any SaaS company.

We call this 7 Step Methodology:

How it works

We work with companies at various stages of PLG adoption. This represents at the highest level how we accelerate PLG adoption for a company brand new to PLG.

Understand the business plan & impact

Ensure PLG is a good fit for you

We take a fresh, data-driven look at your product, market, and team. Then we chart your unique path to PLG, helping you to capture stakeholder buy-in, upskill teammates, and build consensus.

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Paint your ideal customer & core value

Based on your team's feedback

First, we work with your team to create Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). Next, we survey the team and review your mission to get an understanding of the core product value you provide.

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Suspend your customer & product beliefs

Use data and real customer feedback to fill in gaps

We use a combination of behavioral, demographic, firmographic, and real customer feedback data to understand who's really using your products and why they love it.

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Understand the "a ha!" & user activation

Optimize Time to Value and activation metrics

Using real user feedback and behavioral data, we analyze what the "a ha!" moment is and measure how long it takes a user to get there. We conduct a full onboarding audit and help you optimize the Time to Value for users.

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Step 5

Recognize the value of PQLs

Scoring PQLs and monetization optimization

We combine Intent Qualified Lead (IQL) data with your Ideal Customer Profiles to set the foundation for scoring PQLs. We then train your team how to leverage and monetize PQLs.

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Step 5

Generate PLG flywheel momentum

Objective analysis of where we need to focus

At this stage the bones of the PLG flywheel are there. Now we need understand where growth is stagnating based on Pirate metrics and create a plan of attack to remove growth blockers.

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Step 5

Experimentation & continual optimization

Growth is an endlessly iterative process

We train the team on how to leverage the G.R.O.W.S. experimentation methodology, create an experimentation backlog, and set up a proven process to grow via experiment-driven learnings.

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