Your path to adopting
Product-led Growth starts here.

Foundational Package: 1 Sprint
Best for those looking to get started with PLG
We build the foundation, do one 6-week PLG flywheel sprint, and hand-off ongoing responsibilities to you.
  • Establish the Minimum Viable Data (MVD) for Growth
  • 1 Backlog ideation workshop
  • 3-4 growth experiment designs
  • Access to our proprietary Operating System
  • Facilitated experiment postmortems & Knowledge Transfer
Foundation setup + one 6-week sprint starts at  $35K
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Team Package: Ongoing Partnership
Best for those looking for a full team of PLG experts
We build the foundation and our team of rock-star PLG experts becomes your new competitive advantage.
  • *In addition to everything from the foundational offering
  • Custom build of Customer Data Platform & Warehouse
  • Quarterly backlog ideation workshops
  • Ongoing MVD enhancements & backlog maintenance
  • Multiple 6-week sprints: ongoing experiment design & execution
Partnerships start at  $10K per mo.
Start Now: Book a FREE 30-Min PLG Strategy Call

Is your startup doing less than $10K MRR?

We're now accepting a limited amount of scholarship applications for our Foundational Package.

Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

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What software do you use for your growth stack?
Chances are we can likely leverage all of your existing tools with no need to standup or implement heavy infrastructure. Our methodology and frameworks are designed in a way to utilize a variety of software tools and growth stack applications. Our templates for backlogs and postmortems are adaptable for Google Sheets, Airtable, Trello, and more.
Can I move from foundational to the embedded team model?
Absolutely. Growth is an endless iterative process. We will work with you to customize a solution that scales and flexes to meet your evolving needs.
Is my company a good fit for a product-led growth strategy?
This is a complicated question because every business is unique and we’re still in the early innings of the PLG growth movement. Historically, product-led growth models have worked best at SaaS and B2C technology companies, but we at Proxii realize the need to expand that scope and are developing new methods designed specifically for non-software industries. If this applies to you, shoot us a note at and we’ll connect you with an expert from our team to discuss your unique situation.
Is private data shared with third parties or advertisers?
Nope! Your data is your data. We'll work with you to establish the appropriate levels of data governance and security based on your unique business needs and/or regulations.